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ServIT, is a tool and manufacturer agnostic, and they have a presence in 14 states and growing. This ensures that they are there with the people, processes, facilities, and tools required to support your business. At the same time, their experienced technical staff and finely-honed processes make them nimble enough to address problems before they have a substantial impact.

On Macrh 2020 a employee wrote for Glassdoor a review saying that ServIT is so all-fashioned: Directions change by the hour. Company does everything manually, refuses to automate because the President doesn’t understand it. That’s so 1999. There’s like 150 people and all of them report to the president


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Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I was doing a great job at the site I was assigned to, yet I got sick and was hospitalized twice within 2 months. I offered to work remotely from the hospital and was told no, just get better. Cons: Don't get sick, EVER! Don't miss a single minute of work. Devote every second of your life to them"

Project Manager for Managed Services (Former Employee) says

"ServIT did not have any official onboarding training or processes in place. When trying to create structure there were lots of roadblocks from leadership. There are a lot of special treatment for employees that are friends with certain people and the unfairness that goes on makes the workplace environment very uncomfortable. Cons: Hostile work enviroment, a lot of drama, lots of favoritism and no loyalty to the employees"

Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I've worked here for a minute, SOME co-workers were nice but others not so much, HIGH STRESS Environment also had a weird schedule that didn't give me much work/home balance. I literally had to quit without having anything else lined up because it was that stressful."

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Pay seemed very low and the area where the technicians worked felt like a garage and very uncomfortable."

Senior Field Service and NOC Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very interesting company (some good folks there), recently CEOs have changed since the owner stepped down a short while back, he turned the business over to the current leader. The company is attempting, maybe I should say initiating change, they are transitioning from remote and field service operations. In the moment their focus is movement towards consolidating their efforts with remote services and hosting of customer systems (cloud services), along with site specific help-desk Which means they are downsizing in the field, a planned move, as they consolidate operations to focus on the Kennesaw, Ga operation, to certain degrees the field operations are transitioning away (more focus with purposeful re-purpose of assets). It is time of change for them... Cons: Hardly ever heard from them..."

NOC Tech (Former Employee) says

"Good Place to Learn, poor benefits. Difficult time focusing on single areas, felt like I was being thrown around all the time and never felt "grounded". Unorganized structure."

vigilante patrimonial (Former Employee) says

"Empresa agradável de trabalhar, onde tiver minha primeira oportunidade Cons: Tudo que o funcionário precisar para seu trabalho, incluindo documentos, tem que ir buscar"

vigilante patrimonial (Former Employee) says

"Uma empresa que tem tudo pra ser Boa, mas a coordenação é péssima, ninguém resolve na , um jogo de empurra danado. Cons: Não paga extra e nem ticket e paga abaixo do valor."

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"The best part of working at ServIT was the exposure to many different clients who are using many different software and hardware solutions. I was able to learn about new and existing technologies. Management is great, unless you upset them or they think you are unhappy. Best to learn what you can there and then move on to something better."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servit full-time Cons: Low pay and high burnout. Drama and lack of integrity. Posted values are just talk. Not LBGTQ+ friendly if you arent don't ask dont tell. Its a break fix place that wants to call itself a managed service provider. No automation (do everything by hand) and even fired the guy that was hired to do it but never gave him the ability to. At home handling AS400 and antique printers because thats the level of all their tech. President parks in the handicapped spot and micromanages everything when he aint off fishing or trying to impress with his company bass boat. Thinks anyone can do anything given a recipe book. Has daily call with leadership thats just his daily todo list and dishing out abuse. Dont cross him as hes a get even type."

NOC Engineer says

"I worked at Servit Cons: Directions change by the hour Company does everything manually, refuses to automate because the President doesn’t understand it. That’s so 1999 Burnout Values are upside down to what is preached There’s like 150 people and all of them report to the president"

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"I worked at Servit full-time for more than 5 years Cons: The president and idiot savant of ServIT is a snake in the grass. He is ready to sacrifice his own employees to save his own face for poor decisions he's made for his clients. They have no problem firing competent employees to save face for pennies on the dollar contracts they secured."

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"I worked at Servit full-time for less than a year Cons: 1. Incompetent management, for a company that has been up for over a decade when I got there they had NO solid SOP which was a HUGE red flag, tickets were sitting in queues for weeks without being touched. 2. Management wanted me to babysit and hand hold employees instead of mentoring and nuturing them. 3. Management will tell you what a good job youre doing and how much they love you, but the next day they will fire you with no remorse, just to save their hide with an abusive client. 4. This company goes through employees super quick. 5. for the position I was in I was paid WAY below industry standard and found that some of my employees were actually making more money than me. Due to the negligence of someone outside of my team, it caused an important process to be held back, due to this issue they fired me to save face with a client, they do not care about their employees, they only care about maintaining image. I was once told that they wouldn't hire any female for night shift, and actually hired someone WAY more underqualified just because they didn't want to risk a law suit having women at the office after dark(discrimination!) Illegal business expansion(under the table expansion of their building that WASNT up to code.)"

Former Employee - NOC Technician says

"I worked at Servit full-time for less than a year Cons: pretty much everything else. I was warned by another employee when I started. I should have listened. This place cranks through new employees faster than McDonald and pays them similarly too. The worst is the lies they tell about how great their company is and how competitive the pay is. It's NOT."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servit full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Request a salary increase after years of service and justification of performance to match. Get fired!"

Former Employee - Team Leader says

"I worked at Servit full-time for more than 3 years Cons: High employee turnover. Poor business model, company hierarchy is 1 tier deep, you have a manager who reports to the president. Potential for advancement and training is extremely limited. Company president is focused on making a sale and has no problem with not meeting or suiting the needs of their customers."

Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"I worked at Servit full-time for less than a year Cons: Under staffed. Very high stress level. Terrible turnover. There is a lot of talent in this company, just too much confusion to utilize it. Management changes procedures weekly. Customers are over charged for products and projects. No compensation AT ALL for extra hours worked. (Work all weekend and you better be in the office Monday) 60+ hours weekly. I worked 98 days for this company. When I went into my 90 day interview I interviewed them when they asked "How things were going" and turned in my notice. I've never left a job like this in my life. Don't ask for a pay raise, you'll get fired. I saw this more than 3 times to excellent employees."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Servit full-time for more than a year Cons: *Terrible leadership *I was hired to sell managed services, yet provided little to no support. I felt the company was surprised when I actually brought contracts to seemed this was the moment they realized they actually have to deliver a service! I saw most of the contracts I sold go under-served and eventually fail to renew, or even cancel. *Lack of loyalty to employees and customers *Constant anxiety related to owners feelings/emotions - very volatile owner who openly speaks down on employees to other employees in attempts to bond..very toxic environment from that aspect *I say this in the most non-incriminatory or disrespectful way I possibly can, but it seems as though the owner suffers from CTE type symptoms. This may be a biased opinion as he was a football player (and will let you know of this every chance he gets), but he constantly had memory issues, would blank out, poorly communicate/articulate thoughts, and would go from calm to red faced angry over literally nothing. You'd discuss something with him in detail, then moments later he'd have no recollection. Incredibly frustrating to say the least, and makes it impossible to have faith in him as a leader..which trickles down to your faith in the company. *Got the impression in speaking to lists of past customers (attempting to work with them in new areas) that ServIT didn't have long term customer retention at the core of their initiative *Project Managers seemed frustrated at the idea of working towards closing new business or resolving open issues with customers *Comp wasn't great for sales - seems to be low for engineers/NOC employees based on sentiment Ultimately, I felt like the company wasn't prepared to sell the services they brought me onto to push. I repeatedly brought opportunities back to the team and had nothing but issues getting them over the goal line. The contracts we did close became burdensome and the project management team seemed apathetic."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"I worked at Servit full-time for less than a year Cons: - Occasional communication gaps across teams. - Working with certain clients can get stressful. - Full-time benefits not available until 90 days after your start date. - Seemed like a high-amount of turnover. - Expect to work long/odd hours."

robert says

"my credit and income have gone up, its pretty bad that I had no problems with last loan, and it counts for nothing., no regard for loyal reliable customers in good standing"

customer says

"I took out a loan over a week ago to get my car repaired and to get some house hold things taken care of this summer! The loan still had not process as a deposit to my bank account Two weeks later but the First payment Is due Friday! I got the money for my car repair from my ex! So I canceled the loan!"

anthony brooks says

"If you can, borrow from a different company Personify will not report good payments, BUT they will report you being a day late and it will kill your credit score. Be aware, they will call you 3-5 times a day even before you're payment is due. I've warned you, steer clear of this Bogus company!"

Chester Knox says

"These are Crooks!!!Do not get a loan from them!!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿"